Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Year!

I am not consistent enough to have 100 posts. One year ago yesterday I started my blog! And of course I realized it tonight! LOL

Just another day in my life!!

Hugs and well wishes for another great year for all!!


Summer Sports

While the hubby is away, I am using the free sports and S.K.I.E.S programs to our advantage!! Annabelle and Mathew participated in both Karate and Bowling this summer! They both enjoyed both programs, which made the summer a little easier! Unfortunately Jacob was not old enough for either program, which made the evening a little difficult. Sunday there is 2 free games of bowling and free shoe rental. We go on Sundays so Jacob can participate! Once fall soccer is over and we do Karate again for winter Jacob will be old enough to try it out!! He is very excited about karate! All three are doing soccer so my Mon and Wed night will be spent at the soccer field. We were able to get the practice back to back, so we will be at the fields from 515-715.


Above are a few pictures from summer sports. And below shows what Jacob and Landon do to keep occupied during Karate!!

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful summer! We have 1 week until school!!!

Rachel and Family

Monday, August 23, 2010


Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

I took the children to the zoo on Sunday morning. We got there as it was opening, on a 60 degree overcast day. It was FANTASTIC!!! No people to give me "don't touch push my 3 yr old out of the way or my don't even think about taking my children and running away" anxiety. Places like the zoo make all of those fears come to surface.

The children had a blast! One of the best parts was that it only cost $12.80. The children participated in the Pierce County summer reading program and upon completion they received a free ticket to the zoo! I only had to pay for myself!!!! But I made up for the free tickets with purchases in the over priced gift shop :(

Hopefully with school starting in 10 days I will be able to get back into sewing mode!!

Rachel and Family

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer cuts!

The boys finally got haircuts. And we couldn't leave Annie out. I really didn't want to get her hair cut but she has been better about brushing it and keeping it out of her face. Lance and I had said we wanted to keep the boys hair long until he got home, just to see them both with "Jonas Brother" hair. But the more I realized I was having to wash Mathew's hair to get it clean because he wasn't I realized it wasn't that important. I could wait until his teen years.

Landon now has the longest hair of the boys.
They are all happy with there hair cuts, and mom and dad are too. Lance was able to see them on the computer and agreed the boys looked older and better with the short hair!!

Rachel and Family

Chicken Noodle Soup

Last week we went to the Olympia Farmers Market! It was small and simple just what I needed for our first trip. Not too much going on to get overwhelmed!!!

We only picked up a few things, I didn't want to go overboard with out a meal menu in place for the week.

Carrots, potatoes, and apples. We also picked up a few organic chocolate chip cookies. They were fantastic! I also figured I could eat a few extra since they were organic, right!!??!!

So I the next night we made soup. After I had the 5 potatoes cleaned, peeled and half chopped I realized I was making chicken noodle not just chicken soup. So our soup had extra carbs noodles and potatoes (I had to use the noodle because I knew the children would at least eat them)!!
I boiled the chicken which was something Lance taught me about a year ago after spending time in "the field" where he was only fed rice and chicken. It worked great for the soup. I had the potatoes, 4 carrots, celery, salt and pepper, and chicken broth in the crock pot while the chicken breast strips boiled for 30 mins. Then I added the chicken to the crock pot for another 2 hours on high (while at karate). It softened the carrots and potatoes just right and allowed the chicken to shred!

Soup was a hit!! Everybody enjoyed it.
1 month down 8 to go!!!
Rachel and Family