Thursday, April 21, 2011

A's Science Night

Annabelle's school has a required 3rd grade science night project. She choose to do an experiment about diapers and pull-ups. Annabelle found out whether a diaper or pull-up held the most water without leaking! She was so excited during all her trials and for Science Night yesterday.

Our house has plenty of the main materials on hand!

Thats right folks, the pull-up leaked first. Just after 3 cups of water.

Way to go Annabelle! So proud of you!

The Borman Family!!

Keep your pants on......

Our Landon just doesn't keep his pants on. Diapers are flying all over our house these days. It is especially bad when he is hanging out in his play-pen. But really it is all over that place. You just can't let him out of your sight. And the diapers aren't always just wet, yuck.........

Who knows maybe he will be potty trained before Jake. He like wearing big boy undies. All smiles!!

Happy Easter!!!!!

The Borman Family