Saturday, July 17, 2010

Borman Vacation Part II

The Badlands National Park

Pretty amazing site to see!

We wish I would have gotten a closer picture of these guys.

And maybe not so close one of these! LOL Although Landon is pretty adorable in this picture!
We arrived at Mt. Rushmore in the evening, I had plans to stay for the night show, but that didn't work out. We got to go back in the morning though which was better for everyone!

More tomorrow (Wednesday)!
Rachel and Family

Friday, July 9, 2010

Borman Family Vacation Part I

I am going to try and stay in order. For some reason my brain forgets I have a camera with me and I miss a lot of family time in KS. Sorry everyone!
The drive was gorgeous! We traveled to Kansas on I-80. I really enjoyed the views. It reminded me a lot of my father's train sets. This photo is not good at all because I had my window up. There were many other opportunities to take better pictures if only I had remembered I had a camera with me!

I learned that these "snow top covered" mountains are the Rockies.

The children (okay me too) really liked the tunnels we drove through, there were at least 3! Fun times fun times!

All of the children did really well with the drive to Kansas. We left WA at about 7 am and made it to Ogden,UT about 9 pm. The next day we made it to Lance's dad's in Sabetha, Ks at 3 am. Not too bad for time either. I am so happy we bought the travel DVD player 2 income taxes ago, it and the Nintendo DS were lifesavers!

Once in Ks we spent time with Grandpa Duane and Grandma Angie. They had just bought a house in town which the children at first were not very happy about. Grandpa and Grandma had sold their farm house and moved just a few days before we arrived. But once the children woke up and realized the house was so open and it had a big back yard they weren't too upset anymore. Although I think each one asked about the farm cats and chickens multiple times! Lance was able to help install a few things, I think it kept his mind preoccupied. Plus, since you can't spruce up post housing he was excited to do some handy work! Lance and the children were also able to visit Uncle Luke a few times I know they all enjoyed the time together.

We had a wonderful time.

Look for Part II tomorrow.

Rachel and Family