Friday, April 30, 2010

We are Addicted

We're addicted to the Pierce County Library System!! We are stationed at JBLM in Pierce Co, Wa. So far I have been unimpressed by my surroundings. I am very much an outdoorsy, hot sun in my face kinda gal!! But no it is rainy and gray most of the time here. The children and I have to find other ways to occupy our time. We decided the library would be a good place to spend some time. Both Annabelle and Mathew are in an Accelerated Reader program at their school. Finding a good range of books is needed to keep them interested and excelling in this program and others.

The libraries on base are okay. They have a limited selection of children's books, and small spaces for them. So my 4 children in a small room with books is not a good combination. They need space both the children and the books! So I decided to look around off base. There is a very cute, quaint town just south of base named Dupont. If we were to rent or buy a house that is where we would do it! I went into the library, a very small but roomy library. My first thought was "Oh great, small, few books, and it's membership will cost $10 a person." I decided I had a few minutes so I asked the Librarian a few questions. Man was I wrong. "Never judge a book by its cover." LOL The Dupont library is only one of 18 libraries in there system. They can get books from other branches and I can return books to any of the other locations!!! And it gets better, I can do everything at home. By requesting books, Cd's and DVDs, audio books, movies, magazines, and TV series be placed on hold once available. I can look through the card catalogs at home and it is easy enough for the children to use! Plus you can have 100 items checked out at a time! And it's FREE!!!!!

The children also love the library. We make trips twice a week. I hope to visit other branches in the next few weeks!!

Happy reading!!

Rachel and Family

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coach Pitch Baseball

Spring has sprung and so has Baseball in the Borman house. Joint Base Lewis-McChord (formally Ft. Lewis Army Base and McChord Air Force Base) had their Opening ceremonies this past weekend. It was a joke, no organization, older players in-front of younger players when teams we "presented" to the parents. They couldn't find The National Anthem on the IPod. The coach can't throw over-hand. BUT IT WASN'T RAINING!
I had to wait till we got back to the house to get pictures it was so crazy at the fields.

Annabelle and Mathew in uniform!

Jake wanting to be in uniform!

We are going to buy Jake a red shirt and black pants so he can "be like" Ann and Matt!

Our first game is Saturday April 17th @1pm. GO ANGELS!!

Rachel and Family

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fruit and Veggie Storing Cheat Sheet

Growing up I was not used to very many fresh fruits and vegetables. Both my parents worked, so we were accustomed to boxed and frozen foods. In my hopes of becoming skinny and healthy soon I am starting to use more fresh foods. My problem is I don't know how and where to store them so they keep fresh and tasting great the longer.
As always I googled it and this is what I got. It is very simple to read, and I might even cut out the chart to put it in my recipe box for an easy cheat in case I forget!!!

Anyone have extra tips? Do you agree with most of these storing techniques?

I am excited to see if my food keeps longer than it has.

Rachel and Family

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Festivities

Easter was a few days ago, and of course I am just now getting around to writing about it. As my Facebook friends know we went to an Easter Egg Dash 2 weekends ago here on Ft. Lewis, I posted pictures in an album.

Over the last week we have made Sewing Easter Eggs for the grandparents. (If you thought I was bad about posting late, I haven't even mailed the eggs out.) We colored eggs as a family. Had our very first Borman Egg Hunt and made our first Easter Lundin (Lunch/Dinner).

Here are a few photos from our weekend!!

Rachel and Family