Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Sports

While the hubby is away, I am using the free sports and S.K.I.E.S programs to our advantage!! Annabelle and Mathew participated in both Karate and Bowling this summer! They both enjoyed both programs, which made the summer a little easier! Unfortunately Jacob was not old enough for either program, which made the evening a little difficult. Sunday there is 2 free games of bowling and free shoe rental. We go on Sundays so Jacob can participate! Once fall soccer is over and we do Karate again for winter Jacob will be old enough to try it out!! He is very excited about karate! All three are doing soccer so my Mon and Wed night will be spent at the soccer field. We were able to get the practice back to back, so we will be at the fields from 515-715.


Above are a few pictures from summer sports. And below shows what Jacob and Landon do to keep occupied during Karate!!

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful summer! We have 1 week until school!!!

Rachel and Family

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