Monday, May 10, 2010

New Room Assignments!

Our house is too small. We are on the wait list for a 4 bdr. home, and can't wait for our call. And with it being so small I always feel like it is cluttered, so I will not be posting pictures. It is better for me emotionally It will eliminated the added stress it causes!

So for now we moved the upstairs around for a little more space. Mind you the older boys room became a little smaller but they got the TV to make up for floor space! LOL They didn't care once they heard the TV was going from Annabelle's room to theirs.

Originally the room set-up house was. Mom and Dad's king bed, Landon's crib, 3 dressers, 2 end tables, a coffee/end of the bed table, and wall mounted TV. It was a tight fit. Then we had Annabelle's twin bed, a dresser, sofa, and the toys in the 2nd room. And in the third room was, Mathew and Jacob's twin bunk beds, 2 dressers, and a train table. In each room was at least 1 laundry basket and a few toys. So I know you have got to be thinking how in the world, or at least I hope you are!

Now the rooms are as follows. Mom and Dad's king bed, 2 dressers, 2 end tables, wall mounted TV and sofa. The 2nd room has Annabelle's bed, Landon's crib, 1 dresser and under bed storage And in the third room, Mathew and Jacob's bunk beds, 3 dressers, wall mounted TV and the train table.

The older boys room is a little more cramped for now, but there is plenty of floor space and with the 2 beds plenty or room for movie time! This is also the first time in almost 8 yrs our bedroom has no sign of babies!! This might just be my sanctuary now!!

And in other news:

Lance had a jump almost 2 weeks ago and it didn't go well. He jarred his back but nothing was broken. He has been having back spasms and is on heavy meds. He was not able to drive and he couldn't lift the children, so I had to work double time to keep the house and children in order. He is doing better this week, and has started physical therapy. Hopefully by the end of the week he can be off the meds and cleared for training out of state!

My workouts have been short and not as often lately. I was able to get in a small workout yesterday. We have a track a few blocks from the house and Annabelle and I walked to it and then did a mile walk/run. Annabelle of course did better than me with a 12:58 mile, I finished with a 18:36. I'm okay with that time, since I have NEVER been a runner. The more I run the better time I will have and can work myself to more miles!


  1. Our prayers for Lance, I hope that his back gets straightened out soon.

    As for the workouts, don't get discouraged. You have plenty of time and as long as you missed working out that is all that matters.

    As for the room assignments, wow girl, hats off to you all! I will be saying a prayer that you get the 4 bedroom house soon!

  2. hahaha well im sure the boys loved the idea of the TV in their room!!! and congrats on FINALLY not having baby in your room!!! It is a super tiny house. I hope you get the bigger one before June!!!!

    As for working out. Im sure its hard... Its hard for me! annabelle is just a show off!!! :-) Love you!