Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A not so Funny bone

* I am posting this knowing there could be some repercussions if mentioned person finds out!

So in my last post I mentioned the hubby had a jump. Being an Airborne unit they have to jump so many times during a time period to keep their status and pay. I shared that the jump hadn't gone to well. When Lance got back to base he was sent to the ER where they did some xrays and gave him pain meds. His back spams were bad. He was unable to drive because of the meds and he was in a lot of pain. I mentioned to him maybe they should have done an MRI, he could have a small fracture the xray couldn't read. "No, doc says I just jarred my back and it will be fine" said Lance. He did his Physical therapy, and went on to the training site for the next 2 weeks.

Yesterday I got a text message saying I was right. They had Lance see a doc where they are training and indeed he fractured his tailbone. Poor hubby. So of course I had to come up with some on the fly comment about "really being a pain in the butt"!!

Treatment: Doc says just take it easy, and there is nothing really that can be done for the tailbone.

Hope everyone is having a better time than my hubs! LOL

Rachel and Family

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  1. what a bummer! one of the girls at whose site i read all of the time did that back in february and she's still not back to normal. tell him to get better soon!!