Friday, April 30, 2010

We are Addicted

We're addicted to the Pierce County Library System!! We are stationed at JBLM in Pierce Co, Wa. So far I have been unimpressed by my surroundings. I am very much an outdoorsy, hot sun in my face kinda gal!! But no it is rainy and gray most of the time here. The children and I have to find other ways to occupy our time. We decided the library would be a good place to spend some time. Both Annabelle and Mathew are in an Accelerated Reader program at their school. Finding a good range of books is needed to keep them interested and excelling in this program and others.

The libraries on base are okay. They have a limited selection of children's books, and small spaces for them. So my 4 children in a small room with books is not a good combination. They need space both the children and the books! So I decided to look around off base. There is a very cute, quaint town just south of base named Dupont. If we were to rent or buy a house that is where we would do it! I went into the library, a very small but roomy library. My first thought was "Oh great, small, few books, and it's membership will cost $10 a person." I decided I had a few minutes so I asked the Librarian a few questions. Man was I wrong. "Never judge a book by its cover." LOL The Dupont library is only one of 18 libraries in there system. They can get books from other branches and I can return books to any of the other locations!!! And it gets better, I can do everything at home. By requesting books, Cd's and DVDs, audio books, movies, magazines, and TV series be placed on hold once available. I can look through the card catalogs at home and it is easy enough for the children to use! Plus you can have 100 items checked out at a time! And it's FREE!!!!!

The children also love the library. We make trips twice a week. I hope to visit other branches in the next few weeks!!

Happy reading!!

Rachel and Family


  1. That is cool! I loved the library in Manhattan (ks), didn't really get into it in Georgia. On post it stunk. Here I have no idea, but I really would like to have something to do with the boys. And well, reading is such a wonderful gift!

    Hope all is well with you all!

  2. i just got a library card for our little library here- it's not the biggest, or best, but it is great because it's free! my dad always says, 'for free-take... for buy- waste time'! :) hehe it sunk in over the years! free books are the best!!