Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sewing Easter Eggs

The children and I finally completed an art project this past weekend! As seen on Sprout we made our sewing cards. We made eggs with Easter right around the corner. I hope to have them in the mail to grandparents by tomorrow.

(from left to right: Annabelle, Mathew, Jacob)
In other news:
Lance will be home tonight. His school did not work out for him. I know he is disappointed but we love having him home! With the children on spring break and baseball starting up next week the extra hands will be much needed!!

The gym has been going pretty well too. I try and go everyday with Sunday being my rest day. Each day is set to certain areas to work.
Tues- Chest & Arms
Wednesday- Cardio
Thursday- Back & Shoulders
Friday- Core
Saturday- a little of everything/ Cardio
Once Lance is back I think the days change, I kinda go with what he does so we are done at the same time. That's the good thing about our gym on post. It has 2 free hours of childcare!!

Rachel and Family

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  1. okay so I love this craft and the boys want to make them tomorrow thanks for the super bright idea!! how fun, so what happened at Lance's class?? I am so jealous of your workout routine, I miss your sweet face. I get to see you in a couple weeks!!!