Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Sewing Space.....s....

The Before.....

The after.......

I also cut and iron my fabric on the dining room table! I bought myself one of those small/half ironing boards as a house warming present!

I have a bin with all my fabric. I thought I needed it more accessible, so I bought under the bed storage bins. I didn't measure first so I have to put them under Annabelle's bed for now. Ha!

As I was setting up my space I also realized I have no chair to sit in. Ha! Guess I'll be making a trip to the store.

Hello, Quilting Powers could you make it a little harder for me to get started.
I also googled a few quilt shops near Ft. Lewis. But I have to wait for payday to go check them out! And I should probably have a good idea of what I want to try and make first. Ha!
We also do crafts at the dining room table tomorrow we are doing "sewing cards". Remember the ones you hole punch and then sew with yarn! Thanks Sprout for the idea, my children can't stop talking about them. We may even make them into Easter cards!
Happy National Quilt Day!!!!!
Rachel and Family


  1. Sorry for all the posts and re-posts. And the spacing ugh. I'm still trying to get the hang of things!

  2. Looks like you have a nice little spot set up! I'd really like to start quilting too. We'll have to show each other our projects! :)

  3. oh my goodness! i LOVE your sewing machine and its table! awesome! where'd you get it??? happy national quilt day to you too!

  4. Getting your space established is the first step! All the rest will fall into place shortly after. I think that it is great you cut fabric on the dining room table, truth be told and that is where I cut too! Largest space to spread things out. I need to get my sewing space posted for Amanda, I still haven't done it. Yeesh, get on it. Maybe I will do that today.

  5. i'm hoping to get a quilt done this year too :)

    doubt it'll happen though!