Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Restaurant Spending


I heard somewhere the other day about a "going out to eat" jar. It made me think. There are so many days I say, oh I just don't feel like cooking lets grab dinner, breakfast out. Sometimes we just run up the road and grab a burger or taco those nights run us about $30.00. Other nights we will be out and do a sit down nice dinner, those run us about $60.00. Even these two figures are shocking that's almost $100.00 in 2 dinners. Some mornings I'll feel like bacon eggs and hash browns, so well head out for breakfast, also costing us $40.00.
Last night I finally had the nerve to sit down and look at the bank statements. I looked at the 2 I see online dated from Jan 14th to Feb 22. I added up all the eat out food purchases. And our total was $628.87. I know that is HORRIBLE. To think that is just days over 1 month, we have been eating like that for years, in 1 year we have been spending $7536.00 give or take. I mean that's $3885.00 for the Bahamas and $3761.00 for Disney World. Two extravagant vacations. It is also 9 van payments at $780. each.
We too started our eat out jar, last night. We started with $40.00 now we just have to decided on how much and when to add money.

Does anyone have an "eat-out plan"??

I need to check out Dave Ramsey, I have heard his plans work wonders. If we are spending that much on food out I can only imagine what some of our other spending adds up to.

Rachel and Family

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  1. We don't have an eat out plan. I guess we really rarely do eat out. However, occationally we will have one week where we eat out two, sometimes three times.

    Speaking of eatting, last night we had spaghetti and it made me think of you. It is REALLY healthy.

    Instead of noodles we used spaghetti squash! Super yummy, Kyle scarfed it down two days in a row. All you add once it is cooked, is a little butter and parm cheese. Then for the sauce I cooked up some onion, garlic, green bell, carrot, zucchini, and ground turkey. Added basil, italian seasonings, orgeano and a spaghetti sauce packet and a can of tomato paste. Super good! Just another idea for you.