Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day at the Park

Okay so really it was about 35 minutes. The nascar race took longer than expected and then the sun went away sooner than expected so it started to get too chilly for the baby. But there will be more days at the park I'm sure of it!
As you can see the playgound is pretty genric, we hope to find different ones very soon!
This was Landon's first time in the swing. He loved it! And if you look closely you can see Lance smiling!!!! Not too often do we get that on camera! Jake thought it was real cool he was swinging with Landon!
Annabelle, Mathew, and Jacob love to climb. I always have to remind them to be careful when there are other families on the playground.
You even get to see me on the playground, to bad my bum doesn't fit on the kid slide to well anymore HA!

Here's to fun family days!

Rachel and Family

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