Friday, September 25, 2009

My Yard Sale

Ok to be honest it is really a 10-12 item sale!! But they are things we really want to get rid of before the move (we still do not know where or when).

So here is my sign, I made 4 to go up on the 2 main streets that surround our cul-de-sac. I didn't feel like doing anything too fancy. Plus it is a Post Wide Sale so I figured I'd leave the dates off, and I can reuse them, to have to spend .38 for another piece of poster board, is just silly!

I do realize all of my readers do not live in NC or near Ft. Bragg. But we have a motor and head board and other odds and ends. I'm sure I'll have more for the next one, but I figured I'd hold off on going through clothes till it gets a bit cooler!

Oh but the real cool plus side of me getting things ready (tonight) for the sale tomorrow, was I found a bin full of boy clothes 3-9 months. Landon is set for the winter!!! I mean I found it at just the right time. He would have gotten new clothes pretty soon. That bin happened before the mass labeling happened! So everything is labeled now (post-it note and scotch tape) and stacked. I would love a label machine! I just don't see that in the card for know. I mean I just got the electric pencil sharpener I would hate to spoil myself for the yr!!! I stacked everything because here in a few weeks Lance will be going off to training for about 30 days and we figure we'll park his Jeep in the garage, to save outside space for the kiddos to get the last of the bike ridding in before they go on a truck, or the side walk chalk, which (if you know me well is asphalt chalk to me) I can't stand on the actual sidewalks.

I also had to make a run to wal-mart tonight to get smaller bills. Because while I was working away at the garage cleaning, stacking, sorting (sale, trash, keep, donate) and throwing away toys lots of broken toys we have keep from move to move, not anymore!! I forgot to go by the bank!! Its a good thing we keep change in the house too!

So I am off to bed to get a good nights sleep before a few long hours of dealing tomorrow, and it might be in the rain too. Darn.

Lance and Rachel, Annabelle, Mathew, Jacob and Landon

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