Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dishes, dishes, ok I'll do the dishes

We have been very lucky over the last few years to be in on-post housing that has been renovated and has a DISHWASHER!!! I HATE washing dishes by hand. It could be because I had to as a child/teen, my parents didn't own a dishwasher till it was my sisters and brother time to start doing the dishes. But oh well life goes on I grow up and have a family and needless to say we EAT! So there are times when the dishwasher is full and I don't want the next load waiting in the sink for me. So I start to scrub away. Well I have tried a lot of sponges. Normal pads, scouring pads, the "fill the handle with soap" brushes, and have never been happy with the results.
We have the non-stick pans so I can't use the scouring pads or it will scratch the pans of course. About a month ago I found THE PAD. It has these little beads that scrub without being harsh, and it has a sponge side too.

I know the little things that make me happy. If it makes my life easier it make me happy!!!!

Here's the pad:

Have a GREAT day!!

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  1. Oh girl! I tell you we have used these spongages for years now! They are INCREDIABLE! Nasty stuff never sticks on them. I am glad that you found them. And it gets even can throw them in the washing machine. Have fun! (ha-I can't believe I am saying that)