Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our first trip to Seattle

Today we made our way up I-5 to Seattle, of course we had to stop at the original REI store where we ended up spending way more than we wanted. We did however buy a kiddo carry backpack or whatever you call it! It is the Deuter Kid Comfort 1. In theory we were going to buy it for Landon, but after a good reading of fliers and about 20 mins with an associate (I wont let Lance buy anything over $100.00 if I don't know lots about it,well when I know about a purchase) we found out Jake can still ride in it. Which is great after his run away escapade in Sam's club the other day, if I just hadn't gone to the bathroom. Done deal, back pack carry a kid thingy was ours. Oh and while we were talking with the associate I checked on the kiddos in a nearby playhouse and someone else's kid kicked/healed me in the face, hard. The kids was climbing on the outside of the plaything and slipped, oh but no worry my face saved the day. If I turn black and blue by morning I'll post pictures.

The only place I wanted to go in Seattle for the day was Pike Place Market, the one you hear about everywhere. I didn't know what I wanted to see or which stores to go in but I wanted to be there. So we went! It was nice, crowded but nice. Of course I'm not a fast shot with the camera so I didn't get shots of the fish in the air as they threw them about. But it was defiantly cool to see. The flowers were beautiful and the produce was gorgeous. I did forget to stop and buy something, after leaving my cloth bags in the car I felt silly buying food to be put in plastic bags. One thing I realized though is it is not a kid friendly place, well not for a mom who thinks everyone is out to steal her kids and do bad things to them. So if anyone wants to fly out to Wa. so Lance and I can go to the market for the day, I'd be glad to bring you back some of the beautiful produce and gorgeous flowers!

The children got chilly after a bit of walking (we haven't quite figured out the weather here) so they got some neat zip-sweatshirts that say Seattle. Which of course cost way to much from a vendor but heck they won't go to Seattle everyday. They thought is was cool. They are already asking to wear them to school Monday. We had lunch at a hot dog place Taxi Hot Dogs, and dessert at Cow Chip Cookies. In all it was a good trip!

And on our way back to we stopped at Ikea, I have never been and I shouldn't go for a long time!! There were lots of things Lance and I agreed would look fabulous in our house! So we decided to come home make a list and go back in a few months. We did get the kiddos a few things like a wood train set for 15.00, a kids cookbook for 5, a step stool for the bathroom sink (and for me to reach my pots that lance hung on our new pot rack, which has to be higher than I need or he hits his head on it).

Here are a few pics from our day. I will remember to take more on our next trip!

Pike Place Market

One of the fish stands

The ship yard(I don't know if that's what they call it or not)

Some of the buildings behind the market

A cop on a horse. The kiddos got a good kick out of that!

And our dessert!

The Space Needle (from a street near REI)


Rachel and Lance, Annabelle, Mathew, Jacob, and Landon


  1. How fun! I've only been to Washington once and I loved it. We spent a day in Seattle and then we spent days in Port Angeles, Olyimpic National Park, the San Juan islands, and took a ferry up to Victoria, Canada. Hope you enjoy all the beautiful scenery there!

  2. YAY I love that market, John and I usually got alone, I love the freaks that hang out there and food! Im totally jealous right now! Isnt Ikea the best????!!!! well hunny I hope you get some spare time to really investigate next time around...oh yeah....make sure you eat at Ikea, I love the food there!