Monday, January 11, 2010

one of those days....

Well of course today started off late. I don't mind the oh crap I didn't hear the alarm slept till 8 days, I do mind the hit snooze should have gotten out of bed now I have to rush those 10 mins I slept kinda late days. I do it to my self and at the end of the chaos I realize the 10 mins didn't mean shit. I went to bed early, baby was only up once, the others slept through the night too, why in the world did 640 seem better than 630? And for shits and giggles after I rushed rushed rushed to get all 4 kiddos dressed feed and out the door to have the Ann and Matt to school by 750, Lance walks in the door at 740. Meaning I didn't even have to wake the younger boys or do anything with them. The life of a mom!!!! Onto the rest of my day!!! Highlight, I did remember dinner!!!!

Good Luck to all those mommies out there for better than yesterday days!

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  1. aw you poor thing! I totally get what your talking about, I do it to myself all the time! okay on the question is there something im not telling you...did you mean like deployment? he is going to "green platoon" but he will come home at night! no worries, I think thats what you meant but just in case im wrong let me know!