Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gross Farms-Sanford, Nc

It has been on the chilly side here all week just like about everywhere else. But today after football a friend and I decided to get the kiddos out of the house! This afternoon we ventured out to Gross Farms. It was fun. I mean besides my obvious frustration in my children running wildly in the pumpkin patch throwing the small pumpkins around. I had a few AHHHHH WOULD YOU STOP IT moments today. Sorry Sara, I know I must have looked a little red at times. But in all I think the children enjoyed themselves. Oh and I have to tell you, that I paid for 4 hayrides, and then Jake had a fit and started throwing straw at people so I took him off the hayride. Annabelle and Mathew stayed with Sara and her children, Thanks again for that. So I was out that $10. just extra frustration $10 is a pair of jeans for the kiddos. Ahh like I said it was one of those days....... Tomorrow can only be better!!!

This is how I start most of our outings, it may seem strange but I don't know it seems normal to me. I take a picture of the kiddos before. I do this so I know what they have on in case of an emergency I have a picture to show authorities. There are so many times we go places and I mean to take pictures but I forget, so If I take one before we leave the house I'm set. Oh and Mathew didn't want to go, he didn't think pumpkins were exciting!!

At this moment Jacob didn't want to be there!

This was before Jacob's fit.

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