Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Say HELLO to my friends

My Grays!!!

Hi Grays!!!

I came to terms with these friends. I knew they were coming, I remember the first when I was in high school, and of course I took care of it right away! Than as I got older and met Lance I blamed him. Then I had children and some have come I'm sure because of the them. In fact up until a few months back I thought this is great these friends are the best, now I'll "fit-in" with my husband and his "groups" of friends (love you all). That was until I had Caroline at the salon cut my hair. I was talking about how I liked my Grays and that I thought it made me seem wiser, and even sexy. But no then Caroline had to tell, "that if my husband wanted these friends he wouldn't have went 12 yrs his junior".

So on that note help me figure out what to do. I'm thinking all dark brown because of the fall, then I think frost because its a change, I don't think I want highlights, I'm just not ready for chunky hair. Or leave it the way it is????? Remember that no matter how I part my hair, they are there, or even in the ponytails!!! Hmmmmm what to do what to do.



  1. Ahh...those grays have a way of just sneaking up on you. I say covers most grays, but isn't as "high maintenance" as a tint/full color. You only have to do it about every two months maybe three depending on your hair. I like it better than highlights because it is a little more natural looking.

  2. my first thought is that your husband married someone 12 years his junior because he loves you...not because you were young and without grays...BUT!! i'm a huge fan of hair being all one color, allowing natural highlights to come through. i always do a black/brown and, depending on the season, my red comes out or it gets a little lighter with the sun.