Friday, October 9, 2009

Landon's Rice Story!

Landon has been growing like crazy. Eating a bottle (6oz) almost every 3 hrs while he is awake. I needed something to help him curb/curve his appetite. I know, I know if a babies hungry feed him. But my goodness. And we have tried to hold out on the feedings by 15-20 mins at a time, and my goodness you can tell. He gets so hysterical poor guy. I mean look at him, he is already throwing punches!!

So I had asked his Dr. the last visit at 2 months when can we start rice(at that time is was just a question) now I'm glad I asked. She said rice could be started anywhere from 4-8 months depending on how the child does. I also looked at the box of cereal and it says "supported sitters". So yeah "Landon you are ready"!!!!

Yesterday he took the first feeding (the video) like a champ! That is also the picture in the orange/picture plaid walker (which he now loves to sit in, plus it helps him hold his head up). But by dinner he had already forgotten what a great experience rice was(the picture in the high chair, which we had forgotten was in the garage)!! This afternoon was better. Unfortunately though I believe it made him a bit constipated, so I think I may hold off and try it once a week to see if he gets more "regular" with it!!

Great Job Landon!!!!

Mom, Dad, Annabelle, Mathew, and Jacob


  1. Maybe I'm kind of a weirdo (yes, I think that's it) but I always get kind of sad when they start solid foods. It means they are growing up!!

  2. You know...we just started rice with Owen too. I had forgotten about the rice causing constipation...I was going to just start out with the Oats. Honestly, once we get past the rice that is all he eats anyways with his meals. Maybe you should just switch to oats and then he won't get constipated. It worth a shot. :)

  3. I know what you mean, I can't believe time goes so fast, when they are little. I will have to try oats out, I have never used them before. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. He is getting so big - add juice in with the cereal that might help with that plugged up feeling (HA HA). Can'y wait until next month - Love you all.