Sunday, September 13, 2009

I go SEW.... crazy when the hubby is away

So Lance is in the field for a week or so, and I can get the children in bed by 8pm. So then I have many hours of nothing, because I can not go to bed before 11pm. Really I strive off of 6hrs of sleep! So I invited an old friend to come out and play! And this is what happened when we got together!I have made 2 baby blankies (they are pretty small and mainly for chewing, or baby dolls). And a burpie! Although, I need to fix my tension on my machine (which I will have to google since the instruction book is MIA). You would be surprised what is on the internet, it had been so long, I also had to goggle "how to thread a bobbin". I know please don't judge me on my poor memory. Again please do not judge the stitching, I haven't actually used the machine since Annabelle was born, so I am learning old tricks! But I am so excited!. I also finished Annabelle's curtain. She was excited for it, mom made the boys one when she visited and Annabelle has been asking ever since! I really need to get started on my quilting again (once I get the machine fixed)! I am also working on my hand stitching with a christmas table runner!

I also talked to a great friend of mine tonight, some of you may know her. I call her Jana!! I was almost convinced to post the pictures without words, but I was too afraid of that outcome!

Rachel and Lance, Annabelle, Mathew, Jacob, and Landon


  1. i love them! from one person who can't remember how to thread a bobbin to another, i commend you!! :)

  2. Bobbins. I, too, am traumatized by them...clockwise, counterclockwise????? ACCCCKKKK! Wanted to come and check out Jana's Bluddies! I like your ribbon embellishments!

  3. How cool! I am excited that you are getting back into sewing. It really is such a great release!