Thursday, September 17, 2009

Go Panthers Go!

I know everyone is thinking oh my, what happened. No I am still a DOLPHINS FAN! Flag football starts this Sat! And the Panthers are Annabelle and Mathew's team! I volunteered ( by lack of motivation from others) to do the team banner. Now if everyone remembers correctly I was a football manager every yr in high school and the 1 yr of college. I choose to do a banner that the team could run through (tear) during opening ceremonies. I will then make another one for the last game. There is no place to hang a sign for each week. I'm not sure if all the other parents are on board, but I think the children will really enjoy it! So here is the poster/banner/paper that will just go in the trash sun!!

The names will be added tomorrow, I had to get the official list tonight! Who knows if it tears right down the middle like I hope (I'm going to poke little holes in the middle to make for an easy tear) I might be able to reuse if for the last game!
I promise to have pictures, and maybe a video soon!
Rachel and Lance, Annabelle, Mathew, Jacob, and Landon

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