Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gym Rat, well....

We have been going to the gym a lot more since Lance has been home. I have been trying to run and do some weight training.

I have started a Couch to 5K type work out. I haven't stayed on schedule, which I need to work on. It would be easier to go everyday if I had a plan. I have been walking 4min. and running 1min. This seems to work for me. Friday will be 1 week. I hope to do the 4 and 1 for 2 weeks and then try a 3min walk 2 min run for 2 weeks.

My hope is to do a 5K before my birthday. May 29th. I keep complaining about my weight yet I don't do anything about it. THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT. With the 15 lbs weight loss from Sept to Dec of 2010, it has really motivated me to loss another 20 lbs by summer. I have to give myself leeway because I know I could plateau and I don't want to get discouraged.

All of this work is in hopes of a tummy tuck in the next 3 yrs. All the babies I have had sure added skin, floppy skin. Who knows maybe all the working out and eating right might minimize the tummy enough to make me happy in myself to not need the tuck.

Until then. Water and workouts!! I hope to blog about my workouts and progress to keep me accountable and motivated!!


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