Friday, September 17, 2010

Bad Rachel

2 of the children have been in school for almost 3 weeks now and I haven't done a thing. No extensive cleaning, no purging of our crap, no exercising and no sewing.

Bowling and karate have ended and soccer for 3 has begun. The children are having a blast and so am I as "unofficial" Asst. Coach. I will not commit to something I might not be able to achieve. And I told coach with 4 children, the hubby away, and the fact that it is always raining, there maybe a time where I just don't make it out of the van and up to the field for practice(only so Landon doesn't get wet). The agreement is I will be the team "cheerleader" so when he has to get on someone about where they need to be positioned I am there to tell them they are doing a great job trying! The second part of the deal is I'll clean up the cones and soccer balls and he can do all the running!! I think my end of the deal is pretty great. I just have to remember to cheer on my kiddos too, I tend to be the "hard-ass" kinda mom.
Isn't it funny, all the different face they make!

Maybe next week I will be full of motivation and energy to get something done around here.

Although we've had a big project in the works for a few months now and only a few more weeks to go. I can't tell yet but as soon as it is complete I will defiantly be sharing pictures! For the record though, I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!
Rachel and Family!

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