Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello All !!

I am very new to this whole Blogging thing! I find it very interesting all the things you can do. A few of my friend have pages for their family and friends. I agree thing is a great place to share all the exciting and some not so exciting things in our life. I hope to post everyday, so we shall see how that plan goes! Please feel free to comment as you like, and I hope to respond to each one!

So here goes:

Here is our first family photo. Lance and I have been married for almost 6 yrs now. Annabelle is 7, Mathew 6, Jacob 3 (in sept), and Landon joined us on June 4th 2009.

So here we are at Ft. Bragg in the days to come I'll share some of the things we have experienced here.
Rachel, Lance, Annabelle, Mathew, Jacob and Landon


  1. So like I said I'm new to blogging but I should have paid more attention to my grammer and spelling! I'll get better with all three as time goes by!!

  2. YAY I flipped out this morning when I saw your blog!!! I am so excited that we will be bloggin buddies!! I love your family so very much I miss you all, a lot. xoxo! I have lots of pictures of your kids, do you want me to send them to you on a cd or by email?? or both?

  3. I think I will like this too. How did Annie and Mat's first two days of school go. I have been home today and again tomorrow I think I have some type of bug ( I have not been able to keep anything on my stomach,chills, sweats and a headache) Love you all Mom

  4. Jana- I am very excited too! I'm pretty sure I will not be as exciting and creative as your posts are. We miss you guys a lot too. You can send the pictures either way, which ever is best for you. Oh and guess what? As long as I get my phone working by sunday I'm finally go to get the chance to call! Thing have not been so crazy around here am I'm gonna get to sneak "away" for a while to chat!!

    Momma Light-It took me "forever" to figure this thing out. I'm still not as creative as Jana's blog, I don't know how to custimize this thing yet. But I figure its a neat way to share stories!! I hope you feel better, miss you guys. Annabelle and Matt had great first days but as it showed last yr was true this year. Matt didn't want to go to school today, but he a had a good day afterall!!!!! And Flag Football practice was ok, the coach was late, so it was kinda hectic. I'll blog about that another time when I can get some pictures too!!

  5. Happy Saturday morning - is Lance off this weekend. He is really getting close to being done. Are you all still going to Ft Lewis or has he gotten new orders yet? I have Brad and Nate today - loving it - wish I could see the Borman babies - the last picture of Landon was great. Love and miss you guys!!! Love Mom